Do you need your International Related Party Transactions benchmarked?

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking can provide cost effective benchmarking tailored to your specific facts & circumstances in a branded or white label report.

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The Difference

Transfer Pricing Solutions is an award winning transfer pricing practice with extensive experience throughout the world

Transfer pricing continues to be a hot topic with Global tax authorities and the OCED. The BEPS project, Country by Country reporting and the focus on comparability means taxpayers must ensure their international related party transactions can be defended. Gone are the days where a generic “benchmarking study” is sufficient to defend pricing.

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking services are provided by Transfer Pricing Solutions based in Australia. Our transfer pricing benchmarking is high quality defendable bench-marking. Click here to read more about our difference

Our Process

The benchmarking process starts after the analysis of identifying and characterising the international related party transaction has already be performed. Please contact us if you require assistance with this area and we can quote separately. If you have already performed this analysis, you are ready for benchmarking. Our benchmarking process can be summarised as follows:

Step One

Data Gathering

Complete the online questionnaire regarding the company, industry and transaction information. We are willing to sign confidentiality agreements if required.

Step Two

Benchmarking Analysis

Transfer Pricing Benchmarking performs the benchmarking analysis. The analysis itself has many steps in the process before a final comparable set is identified.

Step Three

Draft Report

Transfer Pricing Solutions finalises the benchmarking analysis and provides a draft report for discussion.

Step Four

Final Report

The final report includes the full search write up, the benchmarking analysis, the elimination chart and financials of the final comparable companies.

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